MarkToronto is an interactive map of the Toronto city core. Anyone can drop a pin on the map to let others know what's at that location, or just view the places that others have marked. The project is a communal exploration of the possibilities of digital maps.

MarkToronto displays a Google Map of the downtown Toronto core. Clicking anywhere on the map drops a new pin, allowing the user to leave a message at that exact location. After entering a message, the coordinates of the pin and the message are stored in a database and displayed publicly on the map. Clicking on existing pins displays the message that was left there by another user.

The concept of leaving communal messages for other users has been employed by social media giant Snapchat. Their Snap Map, which allows users to share photos at particular locations, shows the powerful possibilities that can come from the basic functionality of projects like MarkToronto.

You can view the project here.

Technologies used

  • HTML5 and CSS for the web template
  • JavaScript for drawing markers and sending AJAX calls
  • Google Maps API for displaying the map
  • PHP for pulling from and writing to the database
  • MySQL database for storing markers